How To Prevent And Deal With Common Rug Stains

The rug is grandeur for your home without which your home looks empty. But with this, it also becomes a stain magnet that attracts everything, from the dust of dirty shoes to spilt wine and also coffee stains. Some stains can be cleaned easily while some are stubborn types that cannot be easily cleaned. For the removal of these stains, various different types of techniques are used like deep cleaning, Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE), etc. In addition to these, tough stains require special treatment. Here our professional rug cleaners will answer all stain removal questions including how to prevent and deal with common rug stains.

How To Prevent And Deal With Common Rug Stains

How To Prevent And Deal With Common Rug Stains

On the one hand, a rug delivers softness and warmth while on the other hand, it makes your floors susceptible to stains. But there are some of the common tips to prevent and deal with common rug stains which are given below:

  1. Act quickly

Stains can only be prevented when you identify them and act on them quickly. With the passage of time, stains become stubborn and permanent and do not remove with ease.

  1. Blot the stain and never rub it

Use a clean cloth or paper towel to blot the stains when it occurs without rubbing them because ribbing helps to push the liquid deeper into the rug fibres and helps in spreading.

  1. Remove solid residue

Remove all the solid substances present on the surface. You can take the help of a spoon or a dull knife before treating the stain.

  1. Test cleaning solution

For getting assured of any of the solutions for the treatment on the rug, first of all, test it on the small area and see the discolouration and damage.

  1. Use a perfect cleaning method

Different stains require different methods of cleaning as methods of cleaning depending upon the type of stains and the material of the rug. Some of the common stain types and their cleaning methods are given below:

  • Water-based stains: These include coffee, juice, and tea. Take a mixture of mild dish soap and water and blot the stain with it. Rinse it with water and dry it.
  • Grease or oil-based stains: Use cornstarch or baking soda and sprinkle it over the stained area and leave it for 15-20 minutes. This results in the absorption of oil and then vacuuming the residue. Take a cloth soaked in rubbing alcohol and blot the stain, then rinse it with water and dry it.
  • Mud stains: First wait for the mud to dry and then the loose dirt is removed by vacuuming. Sponge the stain with a mixture of mild detergent in warm water. Rinse it with clean water and dry it.
  • Ink stains: Use a cloth soaked in hydrogen peroxide or isopropyl alcohol and dab the stain. Do not scrub the stain as it may cause its spreading and only blot it until it fades. Rinse it with water and dry it.
  • Wine stains: Remove excess liquid with the help of blotting. Apply the solution to the stain by mixing equal parts of white vinegar and water. You can also use the carpet stain remover that suits the fabric if the stain remains there.
  1. Regular maintenance

To keep your rugs in a safe, intact, and sterile condition, it is very essential to regularly maintain them. This will increase its appearance and shelf life also. Some tips are given below for proper maintenance of rugs:

  • Vacuum it on a regular basis: Dirt and dust particles that are deeply embedded into the fibres and cause the stain to settle are removed due to regular vacuuming. Therefore, it is a very good way to maintain it.
  • Rotate your rugs: For even distribution of foot traffic and exposure to sunlight, rotate your rugs periodically. This will also prevent uneven wear and fading.
  • Professional cleaning: This is also essential to hire professionals for cleaning your rugs every 12-18 months because you do not have the finest methods than professionals. They clear out all the unwanted materials and deep-seated dust from your rug and enhance and maintain its overall appearance. 

This is how you prevent and deal with common rug stains. You must keep these ideas in your mind to be a better rug owner. This helps in the long-term use of your rug without putting much effort into cleaning. 

Some Preventive Measures

You can apply some of the preventive measures in your daily life that can help you a lot in dealing with common rug stains. They are as follows:

  • Make a habit to remove shoes from your house for your family and guests and also implement a “no shoe” policy.
  • Food and drinks must be taken only at food places that are at the dining table and in the kitchen only. Make rug area “no food and drink area”
  • Start the use of doormats at every entrance which helps in the absorption of 80% of dust and moisture in it.
  • In heavy traffic areas, use rug runners or protective mats always.


There are certain actions to be performed when seeing the rug stain for the first time. Some stains are easily removable while some are stubborn and so to deal with them you have to follow various measures as given above. Also, do not forget to implement suggested preventive measures. Satisfactorily, this is how to prevent and deal with common rug stains.

The Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Rugs can make any home feel cosier, particularly during winter. There are moments when nothing compares to the comfort of reclining on a rugged floor right in front of the fireplace while holding a cup of cocoa. Except maybe when the rug is not quite clean. Vacuuming is sufficient to remove particles and dirt from their rug. Lack of care and attention to several issue areas causes a buildup of dust and contaminants that can cause allergies and asthma. Without thorough professional rug cleaning, toxins and impurities can get embedded in the rug, germs can spread and attract allergens, putting you and your family at health risk. Expert rug cleaning services can be useful in this situation. In this blog post, we’ll examine the benefits of professional rug cleaning services. This can help you to decide the good cleaning care you may choose for your rugs. 

Professional Rug Cleaning Services

Benefits of Professional Rug Cleaning 

Keeps your rug looking new and extends its lifespan: Rugs take a little bit of hitting from the everyday, constant foot traffic over them. The rug eventually develops dirt, dust, and filth established in its fibres, giving it a lifeless and dull appearance. Don’t you wish for the appearance of your home’s newly placed rug? Well, it is undoubtedly one of the benefits of professional rug cleaning services. While regular vacuuming is necessary to remove surface filth, expert steam cleaning will go into the rug more deeply to remove the grime and particle buildup that is left behind. Additionally, the expert rug cleaning services include sanitising and fibre-freshening chemicals for the rug.

Removes stains from rug: Have you ever attempted to remove a stain from a rug on your own? You believe it to be gone, yet a couple of weeks later, a filthy patch remains that irritates you each time you pass it. Yes, there is no definite stain mark, but it is also not particularly clean. If not picked correctly, homemade or common cleaning solutions can permanently damage or even change the colour of the rug. Additionally, if you don’t notice that accident right away, it could absorb into the underlying and cause future stains. Always use a fresh paper towel to quickly wipe up any spills or messes, and only then should you think about hiring a professional. The fact that a skilled specialist is familiar with the various rug fibres is another advantage of professional rug cleaning. Due to their knowledge, they are aware of the appropriate pre-treatments for steam cleaning. Stubborn stains like coffee spills, alcohol, body fluids, dirt, dirty paws, and various other pet stains can be removed using several techniques.

Removes Any Remains That the Rental Rug Cleaner May Leave: Maybe you’re one of those who believes a compromise is possible. Since you don’t want to spend a lot of money on professional rug cleaning services, you choose to use one of those home or rental rug cleaning machines. Do you, however, really save money? Do those home appliances outperform a truck-mounted steam cleaner that uses potent, high-temperature water extraction? Some home rug cleaners accidentally leave leftovers from the cleaning solutions they suggest you use. Therefore, it will add to the previously mentioned soiled areas. They might therefore be a temporary solution, but don’t you want to be sure your rugs are actually clean? You’ll probably need to treat the same stains frequently if you keep using that DIY cleaning solution, which will gradually wear down your rugs.

Removes Dirt from High Traffic Areas: Have you noticed that in rugged areas with high foot activity, certain paths have a darker colour? Areas like stairwells, hallways, and even just the spot where you place your feet in front of your favourite couch are more used. The uniform colour of those ruined lanes can be restored with the help of professional rug cleaning. That, of course, presupposes the rug is filthy rather than just merely ageing and thin. The worn-out rug will sadly not be able to be saved by steam cleaning.

Eliminates odours and mustiness: Pet mishaps and drink spills can leave rugs smelling strongly of must and other unpleasant odours. Pee on the rug is one problem. For example, coffee has a distinct smell that is good when it is new but unpleasant and challenging to eliminate if it has soaked deeply into the rug. With the use of specialised sanitising chemicals supplied by expert Rug Cleaning Services, odours can be eradicated. Many of these products have no aftertaste after use.

Saves effort and time: Thoroughly cleaning a rug may be a lengthy and laborious operation, especially if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge. You can save a lot of time and work by hiring experts. Professional rug cleaners can effectively clean rugs using the proper equipment, skills, and experience, freeing you up to concentrate on other crucial duties.

Expertise and Convenience: By offering door-to-door services, professional rug cleaning services provide convenience. You can arrange for them to come and pick up the rugs at a convenient time and return them to you after washing. They have the knowledge and experience to handle various rug varieties, including sensitive and antique rugs, making sure that each rug receives the proper care and attention. One more advantage of having your rug cleaned is that it will save you significant time and effort. A skilled rug cleaner uses the most up-to-date tools and can complete the job faster and more effectively.


All the benefits of professional rug cleaning services are known to you. Investing in skilled rug cleaning services has several advantages, including extending the life of your rugs, eliminating allergens and bacteria, effectively removing stains, maintaining rug attractiveness, saving time and effort, and taking advantage of professional cleaners’ convenience and experience. By leaving your rugs in the hands of experts, you can keep your home tidy and healthy while making sure your rugs last for many years to come. In light of the advantages of rug cleaning outlined above, we suggest getting your rugs cleaned by a professional at least once a year. Others, however, would prefer to do it regularly to match certain festivals and seasons. However, routine expert Rug Cleaning Services will extend the life of your rug, improve its appearance, and encourage healthier air quality.

Common Rug Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid and How to Fix Them

Our homes benefit from the warmth, comfort, and design that rugs bring, but they also attract dirt, stains, and odour over time. To maintain their look and extend their longevity, rugs require regular cleaning. This blog post will provide you with a guide on how to clean rugs and common rug cleaning mistakes to avoid and how to fix them. This guide will make your life easy if you have been struggling in maintaining rugs at your home. 

Common Rug Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid and How to Fix Them

Know The Common Rug Cleaning Mistakes to Avoid and How To Fix Them:

Keeping a healthy and clean house requires regular rug cleaning. When washing rugs, however, there are some typical mistakes that individuals frequently do that can result in damage or poor cleaning. Here, we will discuss the common rug cleaning mistakes to avoid and how to fix them.

Using too much water or cleaning agents: Using excessive water or cleaning agents when cleaning rugs is one of the most frequent blunders made. This may result in the rug becoming oversaturated, which could cause mould, mildew, and fibre damage. Start by using a clean towel to blot off any extra moisture to remedy this. The rug should then be allowed to air dry in an area with good ventilation. Use just a little mild rug cleanser mixed with water and a fluffy brush or cloth to gently wash the damaged area if the rug still seems unclean.

Using wrong cleaning techniques: To prevent damage, different rug materials call for different cleaning procedures. The incorrect cleaning technique may result in fibre damage, colour fading, or shrinking. Determine what kind of rug you have and look out for the best cleaning methods for that particular fabric to address this. Wool rugs, for instance, might need different cleaning procedures than carpets made of synthetic fibres. If you’re unsure, always read the instructions provided by the manufacturer or seek professional advice.

Excessively rubbing or scrubbing: Rubbing or cleaning a rug excessively might cause the fibres to shred or matte. Instead, when cleaning rugs, be gentle. Immediately dab at spills or stains with a fresh, absorbing paper or cloth towel. Use a brush with soft bristles or a vacuum with a brush attachment to gently agitate the fibres for thorough cleaning. To prevent destroying the pile, always wash in the opposite direction towards the rug’s top.

Allowing spills ignored for a long time: Spills are unavoidable in homes with children and/or pets, but stains don’t have to be. Don’t put off cleaning up spills, liquid or food-related. To stop liquid from soaking into the area rug’s fibres, blot spills right away with a gentle cloth or even a damp wipe. Additionally, food should be taken out as soon as possible to prevent it from sticking and getting stuck between the delicate fibres of your handcrafted rug. We advise checking your rug once every week to look for any new stains or missed accidents.

Using only DIY cleaning techniques: While DIY cleaning techniques might be fantastic for other home maintenance tips, they are insufficient for your carpet. The internet has no idea how old your carpet is, what sort of damage it has undergone, what conditions it is placed in, and much more. We advise using only approved cleaning agents or hiring a professional when washing the area rug at home.

Avoiding a cleaning service: While routine upkeep can keep your carpets in good shape, it’s also important to get them cleaned by professionals on occasion. Neglecting professional cleaning can cause stains, allergies, and grime to accumulate which are challenging to get rid of on your own. Consult a trustworthy rug cleaning company that specializes in the kind of rug you’re dealing with if you want to address this. They are equipped with the knowledge and know-how to thoroughly clean and repair your rug without creating any harm.

How To Clean Rugs Safely?

Prepare The Rug For Cleaning: Move all furniture or other items from the rug’s area before you begin washing. By doing this, you’ll have unhindered access to the whole space and shield it from harm. To get rid of loose dirt and debris, take the rug outdoors and shake it gently.

Vacuuming: To get rid of ingrained dirt and dust, thoroughly vacuum your rug using a vacuum with a brush attachment. Work your way from one end of the pile to the other, the opposite of the pile’s direction. Continue doing this until all the dirt is removed, then stop.

Clean Spills and Stains: To stop stains and spills from setting in, quickly clean them up. To soak up as much moisture as you can, blot that area with a fresh cloth or paper towel. Rub gently instead of rubbing, which could spread the mark or harm the rug’s fibres. Refer to the relevant stain removal instructions for the most effective cleaning approach for specific stains, such as liquor or pet accidents.

Choose the best cleaning technique: The kind of rug and its particular cleaning instructions will determine the cleaning technique you use. Usually, there are three widely used techniques:

1. Dry cleaning: suitable for rugs with natural fibres or those that are sensitive. Sprinkle baking soda or a dry rug cleaner over the rug’s area. After letting it sit for a specified amount of time, vacuum it up.

2. Steam Cleaning: Suitable for synthetic rugs with stains and deep-seated filth.  To set up the machine and use the proper cleaning solution, adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. Making sure it doesn’t get oversaturated, thoroughly steam clean the rug.

3. Washing with hands: Gently stir the rug in the water while being careful not to rub or twist it too much. Completely rinse the rug, then squeeze out any extra water. On a flat surface, let it air dry or hang it with the right support.

Drying: Drying the rug completely after cleaning is essential to preventing the growth of mould and mildew. The rug can either be hung up to dry in an airy space or laid flat on a clean, dry surface. As it may cause fading, avoid direct sunlight. Before putting the rug back where it belongs, make sure it is entirely dry.

Routine Maintenance: Follow a regular maintenance schedule to keep your rug fresh and clean. To get rid of dirt and particles on the surface, vacuum the area at least once every week. Clean up spills and stains right away to stop them from settling in. To reduce slippage and save your flooring, think about placing rug mats under your rugs.


Along with the common rug cleaning mistakes to avoid and how to fix them, here we have discussed how to clean rugs safely. It’s important to clean rugs properly to preserve their appearance and increase their lifespan. You can make sure your rugs stay in outstanding condition by avoiding typical cleaning blunders including using too much water, scrubbing harshly, skipping routine vacuuming, putting off professional cleaning, and utilizing the incorrect cleaning procedures. You may get a cleaner, healthier, and more durable rug by using the suggestions given. Always remember that it is advisable to seek advice from a qualified rug cleaner if you are unsure.